This semester in our maker class  we are working on a piece of wearable technology. We were given specific instructions and materials that our wearable must have. For instance our wearable must include:

  • A sensor.
  • 5 Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).
  • An AT tiny.


My Team -which consists of Mariama and Franklyn–  and I decided to create a glove that lights up when the thumb finger flexes. We are still working on our prototype.


We will be utilizing a sensor  which will be placed in between the index and thumb finger. The LED’s will all be placed in the top part of the glove. Thus when the thumb finger is flexed, and is touching the side of the index finger all the LED’s will light up.

We will be using a parallel circuit (such as the one presented below) in order to incorporate more that only 5 LED’s into our project. 

Leanne's Circuit .jpg